Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so isolated as a parent?

Have you felt the urge to share your anxieties when parenting, or simply life, is getting you down?

Do you think that there must be other families with the same needs, who want to reach out and share, but who do not find the opportunity?

Do you find that each day you learn a little bit more about being a parent?

Do you want to have more tools to boost the health and vitality of your child, such as podal reflexology and baby massage?

….If you ask yourself any of these questions, then this could be the right place for you.  With each day, you learn something new.  Your maternity makes you feel more connected with the universe, and reminds you that we are all connected one with another.  Every time you see a pregnant woman, or a mother comforting a crying child, you identify with her and empathise with her.  The complicity you feel as a mother is what moves me to write and to whisper in your ear that I am also a MOTHER, and that what you feel is something I have felt or will feel. Parenting in the city, in a western society, may cover the basic physical needs; but it makes me want to cry out: WE ARE NOT ALONE.  We are accompanied also by the grandmother who tells you to wrap up your child against the cold, the gentleman who opens the shop door for you, and every person who recognises you in the street. We may reach home with the basic materials needs provided for, but behind that stroller, that cot, that carrier is you with your hands and your baby in your lap.  Your insecurities mount up, because it is natural to want to offer to our children something different from what we experienced ourselves.  But what?  You go on to a web forum, you send a what’s up to a neighbour, and you burst out crying.  So where has she gone, that aunty or that cousin or neighbour who in the old days used to look after the children?  Then your child looks at you, and smiles; and all the shadows in your path light up. With the small light of this blog, I want to transmit: EMPOWERMENT.  I want to give tools to mothers to raise their children in love, using their hands to give a massage that says “I love you”, and communicating to their babies that “you can get better by yourself with reflexology”, and TRUSTING that there are other families out there who want to help.  All you have to do is to have the courage to ask for that help.  Click here for forthcoming workshops. HELPING EACH OTHER.  This is for mothers who want to combine working and parenting but do not know how, for those who lost their paid work, and those who want to meet other families so that their children can play with other children, and who are looking for alternatives to the standard after-school activities.  I would like to help connect those who want to share a child-minder, or those who want to set something up, or those who are “self-employed home-makers”.  Families can do more to help and support each other, independently of institutions, nurseries and their ilk.  I have always believed that another way of parenting is possible, from the perspective of another form of community, where parenting is seen as a SHARED adventure.   In this blog I share resources to “Build community” from different perspectives: from different cultures, from individual testimonies, from shared experiences in parenting and co-parenting.  And of course from my own perspective: of parenting in a “Spanglish” family, a “familia numerosa”, with a bias in favour of respectful education and exchange between families.  I want to learn and share with the virtual community of families who believe, as it says in the African proverb: “It takes a village to bring up a child”.  I want this blog to be an active space where people share comments and reflections on how we can “criar en comunidad”, with the belief that we do not have to accept the loneliness of the nuclear family assigned to us by western society: that another form of parenting is possible..Visit blog. Follow me in Facebook

¡Haz comunidad, comparte!