My name is Alba del Cid, and I am one of life’s  “searchers”, who loves to explore different textures, cultures and aromas.  In this blog I try to explore the links between my 9 years as a mother, and the 33 years I lived before that.  At the same time I hope to forge links with other parents who may read my blog. I trained in Psychology, driven by my passion for all those life-stories that I always liked to write.  As a child I had read Antón Retaco, who challenged me to see my own culture from a different perspective.  When people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I used to say: “I want to change the world.”  With this in mind, I worked from an early age as a volunteer with disadvantaged groups, whose varying capacities and origins, for different reasons, led them to be socially excluded.  I realised how much I learnt from the feelings of so-called mentally-handicapped, and from the life-stories that refugees told me.  Later on, I worked in the developing world, in Africa and India, learning different cultures at first hand.  I returned to Barcelona, and tried to explain to my friends, for example, how a girl in India had invited me for tea in her hut.  But they changed the subject (“Have you seen these great purple trousers that I bought!”) so after a while I stopped trying to explain. Being a mother to 3 girls led me to look for support in the society around me.  I knew that in England my sister-in-law ran a playgroup, but I did not find any in my neighbourhood.  A friend told me about the “Bits” scheme of exchange of time and work, and during my first pregnancy I tried without success to find one in the area.  So I formed a playgroup with other mothers, and a little later, after looking for a nursery for my child and reading the fascinating “Educar para Ser” (Education for Being: Report on an Active School), I took on the running of Xantala Association. During my second pregnancy, looking for answers to all those puzzles that naturally come your way, I read Laura Gutman to understand how I came sleeping into the world, and trained as a Doula. I also trained as a breast-feeding counsellor, so that I could explore why I had found it so difficult to breast-feed, and as a child and pregnancy reflexology teacher because I was tired of using medicines whose effects I did not understand.  In so doing, and quite without meaning to, I discovered the WISDOM of my own HANDS.  I studied baby massage with AEMI. in order to understand the simple power of touch.  I am still pursuing Perinatal Psychology, but it is like the cat that always gets away from me.  Maybe in the future? In the evenings, if I feel inspired, I dabble with soap-making and making natural cosmetics, so as to give some expression to my half-forgotten sense of SMELL, which has always been my most acute sense. On this page I set out what I can offer, in the form of face-to-face workshops on podal reflexology and baby massage, and my services as a doula.  And whatever else I discover along the way!

¡Haz comunidad, comparte!